Thank you !

When I started this blog four months ago I wondered whether there would be much interest in it. I'm very pleased to say that in the time it has been running the blog has now had over 10,000 page views - which, for an academic blog about an international human rights convention and its relationship with sexual orientation, seems positive!

Visitors come from a staggeringly wide range of countries from around the world which is exciting. Interestingly, during the lifetime of the blog, the 'top country' for visitors has been the USA, demonstrating the interest there about the ECHR. US readers are closely matched in the UK, followed by Germany, Russia, France, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey.

This is a 'thank you' to everyone who reads the blog, has contributed to it, and who has written to me about it. I am very pleased people find it useful and I am delighted by the small but hopefully growing community it creates.

I would very much like to see more guest posts on the blog in the near future so if you have something you would like to post please do get in touch about it - the blog is made much better by your input!

I look forward to reporting on further ECHR developments during the rest of 2013 and beyond.