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Refusal to recognise a legal relationship between a child and the biological mother’s ex-partner: no violation of Article 8 ECHR

The Fifth Section of the European Court of Human Rights has issued its judgment in  C.E. and Others v France  holding unanimously that there has been no violation of Article 8 (right to respect for private and family life) of the ECHR.  The judgment concerns two cases.  The first case relates to the rejection by the French domestic courts of an application for full adoption of a child, made by the biological mother’s former partner.  The second case concerns the French domestic courts’ refusal to issue a document attesting to a matter of common knowledge ("acte de notoriété") recognising a legal parent-child relationship, on the basis of de facto enjoyment of status ("possession d’état"), between a child and the biological mother’s former partner. The judgment is only available in French, but a Press Release of the Court summarises the judgment. 

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