Welcome to the ECHR Sexual Orientation Blog

Inspired by attending the recent Interdisciplinary Perspectives on LGBT Human Rights Advocacy jointly hosted by the Kenan Institute for Ethics and the Law School at Duke University, and by the excellent work of other bloggers (such as the ECHR Blog and the UK Human Rights Blog), I have decided to start a modest enterprise devoted to sexual orientation and the European Convention on Human Rights.

I hope to regularly post here information about sexual orientation issues relating to the ECHR, such as new judgments by the European Court of Human Rights and developments in the Council of Europe.

I will also attempt to persuade colleauges to write guest posts, commenting on new judgments by the Court and sharing their insights.

I will also try to build up the blog over the coming months so that it contains links to scholars working on ECHR sexual orientation issues around the world. In that sense, I hope that it will become something of a community resource.

If you have any suggestions for the blog, please get in touch. I hope this blog will develope organically and that, like the Convention itself, will be a 'living instrument' that provides a reflection on our 'present-day conditions'.