Applicants in Eweida and Others v the United Kingdom request referral to Grand Chamber

Several sources report that three of the four applicants in Eweida and Others v the United Kingdom, whose complaints were recently rejected by the European Court of Human Rights, have submitted a request for referral to the Grand Chamber. 

Two of the applicants' complaints (Ladele and McFarlane) relate to claims of discrimination in and dismissal from employment because of their refusal to provide services to homosexuals.

The Daily Telegraph describe this as 'a final attempt to overturn rulings they [the applicants] say have restricted religious freedom for Christians and effectively persecuted those wanting to publicly practise their religion'.

The Christian Institute (who have financially backed Ladele) have stated that 'What this case shows is that Christians with traditional beliefs about marriage are at risk of being left out in the cold'.

Terry Sanderson, writing for the National Secular Society, gives 'full marks for sheer bloody-mindedness' to 'the paranoid Christian activists obsessed with the idea that they are being persecuted in the workplace'.

My article on the Ladele and McFarlane aspects of Eweida and Others v the United Kingdom can be found on the ECHR Blog here: