Gay Rights in Russia - forthcoming DH meeting

Last week the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, spoke out again about the continued suppression of gay rights demonstrations in the Russian Federation and the implementation of laws criminalising 'homosexual propoganda'.

Jagland stated: 'Authorities have an obligation also to (ensure) that LGBT people can express their views and (hold) demonstrations [...]  This is a fundamental principle in the European Convention on Human Rights'.

This had little impact on the subsequent disturbances and arrests that took place at Moscow Pride last week.

The Committee of Ministers is due to hold its quarterly human rights (DH) meeting next week between the 4-6 June. It will likely consider the state of implementation of the judgment in Alekseyev v Russia given the submission of an NGO which I detailed recently.

It seems unlikely that the Committee of Ministers will reach any further conclusions on Alekseyev at its June DH meeting, given that it is awaiting the release of the Venice Commission report on the 'propoganda' laws. As I detailed in an earlier post, this is to be adopted at the 95th Plenary Session of the Venice Commission between 14-15 June. The Venice Commission report is likely to be very significant.