List of ECHR sexual orientation complaints 1955-2013

I have made available a chronological list of complaints brought under the European Convention on Human Rights between 1955 and 2013 in respect of homosexuality.

It can be downloaded here:

This list is revised and expanded from an original first published in Homosexuality and the European Court of Human Rights.

Some points to note about the list:

  • Cases are listed when homosexuality is a primary or key issue in the complaint
  • Only published decisions and judgments are listed 
  • Many of the complaints prior to 1975 are not available via HUDOC, but those after 1975 can be accessed on HUDOC using the case number or name  
  • The latest date given for each complaint represents the point of its resolution by the Court or the former Commission; where additional dates are given these represent points at which admissibility by the Court or Commission was decided, or a Commission Report was issued. 

I will attempt to keep this list up-to-date and republish it from time to time. In this respect, if any reader notices any omissions or inconsistencies please do let me know.