Updated factsheets from the Court and list of sexual orientation cases

The European Court of Human Rights has updated its factsheets for 'Homosexuality: criminal aspects' and 'Sexual Orientation'.

Both factsheets were updated this month and give details and links to various important pending cases, including:

Note that the criminal aspects factsheet lists Georgescu v Romania as pending but, as I reported two weeks ago, the Court have deemed this complaint inadmissible.


I have also updated the chronological list of ECHR sexual orientation complaints to include recent decisions and judgments and have made some other small additions and corrections.

The updated list can be found here:



  1. Paul,
    Do you know why Bayev v Russia, no. 67667/09, application filed 7 November 2009, is not included on the fact sheet. As a challenge to one of the homosexual propaganda laws in Russia, that would seem to warrant inclusion on the list.
    Larry Helfer

    1. Hi Larry,

      I noted that absence myself. I think it is probably because the other complaint against Russia is more advanced - it was communicated two years earlier. However, the complaint in Bayev is, as you say, specifically focused on a regional propaganda law and, as such, it would be good to see it listed as pending.



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