New 'sexual orientation' fact sheet published by the Court

The European Court of Human Rights has updated its sexual orientation fact sheet

Notable pending cases listed in the fact sheet are:

Article 3 focused complaints 

Aghdgomelashvili and Japaridize v Georgia (ill treatment by police)

Identoba and Others v Georgia (failure of authorities to protect individuals from ill-treatment)

M.E. v Sweden (deportation of married homosexual man to Libya)

Article 12 focused complaints 

Oliari and Others v Italy (same-sex couples unable to marry or access any other partnership recognition)

Orlandi and Others v Italy (same-sex couples unable to marry)

Article 14 focused complaints 

Bonnaud and Lecoq v France (refusal to grant parental authority to same-sex partner)

Hallier and Lucas v France (refusal to give same-sex partner of parent paternity leave)

Taddeucci and McCall v Italy (refusal of family permit to same-sex partner resulting in lack of right to residence)

Article 10 focused complaint

Bayev and Others v Russia (impact of 'homosexual propaganda' laws)

Article 11 focused complaint

Zhdanov and Rainbow House v Russia (refusal to register an organisation)