Russia's Constitutional Court upholds 'homosexual propoganda' law

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation has held that Article 6.21 of the Code of Administrative Offences, which prohibits ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships among minors’, is constitutionally compliant. 

In a judgment dated 23 September 2014, the Court held that the propaganda law does not contravene the Constitution of the Russian Federation because:

  • it is aimed at the protection of constitutionally significant values ​​such as family and childhood;
  • it is designed to prevent harm to the health of minors, including their moral and spiritual development; 
  • it does not interfere in the sphere of individual autonomy or self-determination, including in respect of sexual identity;
  • it is not intended to prohibit or censure 'unconventional' sexual relationships;
  • it does not prevent an impartial public debate on the legal status of sexual minorities, including the organisation of public events to achieve this.

The judgment will no doubt form a significant element in forthcoming considerations of the propaganda law by both the Committee of Ministers in their supervision of the execution of Alekseyev v Russia and by the European Court of Human Rights in future complaints. 

The judgment is available here:

File: 24-П/2014