LGBT History Month 2018 talk

LGBT History Month 2018 talk by Silvia Falcetta

This talk analyses religious marriages of same-sex couples solemnised in England and Wales. It draws upon the first research on this issue – carried out by Paul Johnson, Robert M. Vanderbeck and Silvia Falcetta.

This talk was part of the York LGBT History Month and it aimed to map why religious organisations decide to solemnise same-sex marriages, their experiences of offering same-sex couples a religious marriage ceremony, and the consequences of doing so.

By highlighting that currently 99.5% of places of worship in England and Wales do not solemnise same-sex marriages, this talk shines a light on the crucial role of liberal churches and individual places of worship in providing same-sex couples with the opportunity to have their marriages solemnised by means of a religious ceremony.

The slides are available here and the talk can be listened to here.