New publication on lesbians and the ECHR

Loveday HodsonAssociate Professor at the University of Leicester and Barrister-at-Law, has published an important new article on sexual orientation discrimination and the ECHR. The article focuses on, and critically explores, complaints about sexual orientation discrimination that have been made to the European Court of Human Rights by lesbian applicants, and the response of the court to those applicants. Dr Hodson's analysis is important because it provides a genuinely new insight into this area of the Court's work. 

The Abstract is as follows:

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has long been celebrated for its role in advancing LGBT rights. This article adopts an intersectional feminist approach in order to critically examine the trajectory of the Court’s LGBT case-law from a gendered perspective. In doing so, it foregrounds the portrayal, experience and, indeed, invisibility of lesbian applicants. Adopting an intersectional approach that considers the gender dimension of sexual orientation claims provides a somewhat different perspective on the struggle for LGBT rights before the ECtHR and suggests that lesbian voices and experiences have been marginalized and excluded in the struggle for LGBT rights.

The article can be accessed here: