Faith-based objections to the inclusion of LGBT content in relationships education in schools

Dr Silvia Falcetta and I have made available a draft of a new research article, which examines faith-based objections to the inclusion of LGBT content in "relationships education" in primary schools in England.

In the article we critically examine on-going faith-based claims that the inclusion of LGBT content in primary schools violates the human rights and fundamental freedoms of parents.  

Here is the abstract:

All primary schools in England are under a statutory requirement to provide "relationships education", which includes "LGBT content". The inclusion of content relating to sexual orientation and gender identity has attracted faith-based opposition. Such opposition, which is based on assertions about relationships education interfering with the right of parents to ensure that the education of their children is in conformity with their religious convictions, is likely to lead to legal action in the English courts and perhaps the European Court of Human Rights. This article anticipates the claims that would be made in any legal action and critically interrogates them through the lens of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The article can be downloaded here: