The ECHR is 70 years old, and the struggle for LGBT rights continues

The European Convention on Human Rights is 70 years old today. It came into existence on the 4th November 1950, on the day that it was opened to signatories, and came into force three years later. 

On the 70th birthday of the Convention, I was honoured to participate in an event organised by Professor Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos (Head of the Department of Law, at Goldsmiths, University of London), and speak about the struggle for LGBT rights under the Convention.

In the short talk I gave today, I celebrated the existence of the Convention, noted the immeasurable contribution it has made to LGBT human rights, and emphasised the struggle that LGBT people have engaged in to establish our human rights under the Convention.

On this significant birthday of the Convention, I would urge everyone to cherish this vital instrument, which protects our human rights and fundamental freedoms, and to participate in the ongoing struggle to develop rights and freedoms under it.

The ECHR belongs to everyone, because the rights and freedoms it enshrines belong to everyone. 

My short talk (approx 7 minute) is available here.