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The Belfast Pride Law Lecture 2019

I am really honoured to have been asked by Lawyers with Pride to give the Belfast Pride Law Lecture 2019.

Lawyers with Pride is a group of solicitors, barristers, trainees/pupils, legal academics and law students who wish to show their support for the LGBT+ community in Northern Ireland. The group is made up of members of the LGBT+ community and allies. It is an inclusive group open to all lawyers who would like to show their support for Pride and the LGBT+ community in Northern Ireland. Lawyers with Pride first assembled to participate in the Belfast Pride parade in 2016, just three years ago. 

I am going to give a lecture titled "Popularism, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, and the European Convention on Human Rights" in which I plan to talk about the historical and contemporary development of gay rights in and by the European Court of Human Rights. In doing so, I will reflect on how popularism - in the form of popularist arguments directed at and against the Court, as w…

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