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New ECHR case concerning employment discrimination against a gay man in Russia

The Third Section of the European Court of Human Rights has communicated the case of Denis Viktorovich Oleynik v Russia.
The case concerns discrimination that Mr Oleynik alleges he suffered when he was refused employment because of his sexual orientation. 
The facts
Mr Oleynik was looking for new employment and uploaded his curriculum vitae to various head-hunter websites.
On 6 July 2015, Mr Oleynik received an email from a private foundation providing support for educational programmes, “Captains”. Ms P, a person in charge of an educational project “Captains of Russia”, invited Mr Oleynik to participate in a Skype interview for a position as a training manager.
On 7 July 2015, Mr Oleynik and Ms P held a Skype job interview. After the interview, Ms P confirmed that the Captains foundation was willing to hire him. 
During further discussion, Ms P asked Mr Oleynik if he was gay, and specified that the Captains foundation “adheres to traditional views” and that it would not hire a homosexual …

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