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New case in the European Court of Human Rights concerning residency of a same-sex couple in Switzerland

The Third Section of the European Court of Human Rights has communicated the case of B and C v Switzerland, which concerns a complaint by a same-sex couple regarding the refusal of a residence permit.
The facts
Mr B is a national of Gambia who wished to obtain a residence permit on the basis of his registered same-sex partnership with Mr C, a Swiss national. However, the residence permit was refused owing to Mr B having a criminal conviction and his conduct in Switzerland.

Mr B has made a previous application to the Court regarding the refusal of the Swiss authorities to grant him asylum, which I wrote about in April 2017.
The complaint to the Court
The complaint to the Court concerns the refusal of the residence permit, under Article 8 of the Convention. It also concerns the expulsion of Mr B to Gambia, under Article 3 of the Convention.
Questions to the parties
The Court has asked the parties the following questions:
If the expulsion order against Mr B were enforced, would it be possible, i…

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