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New article on the history of buggery and the UK Parliament

Parliamentary History have published my article "Buggery and Parliament, 1533-2017". The article provides an in-depth consideration of the making of statute law in the UK Parliament relating to buggery that reveals the dramatically changing attitudes of legislators towards this aspect of sexual conduct.

Understanding why legislators in the UK wanted to punish people, for nearly 500 years, for engaging in buggery is vital for understanding why legislators in some countries today want to inflict the same punishment. Millions of people around the world live in countries with criminal laws, still in force, that are traceable back to English buggery laws. 
My article can be downloaded here (if you cannot access it, please email me).
Below is a short history of some aspects of buggery law and the UK Parliament.

The Buggery Act 1533 ("An Acte for the punysshement of the vice of Buggerie"), enacted by the Parliament of England, brought the offence of buggery into English crim…

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